Our teachers

Teachers group photo
Teacher Celeste
18 months - 2 years old
Level: NQF Level 4
  Teacher Janine
2 – 3 years old
Level: NQF Level 4
  Teacher Naeemah
3 – 4 years old
Level: NQF Level 5
  Teacher Natalie
Christopher Robin
Pre Grade R:4 – 5 years old
Level: NQF Level 5
Teaching children is my
passion and I am very
happy that I get to do
something I love everyday!
We are a great team with
an incredible passion for
each individual child. I have
realized in my years that
children can teach us as
much as we can teach
them. This is one of my
favourite things about
teaching. I can’t wait to
meet your little bundle of
joy and welcome them into
my classroom.
  I have a compassionate
nature and treat others
with kindness, consideration
and generosity. My diligence
ensures that I fulfil my tasks
with optimum efficiency.
I am a teacher, it’s who I
am, it’s my calling and my
‘Choose a job you love and
you will never work a day
in your life’
  I am enthusiastic about
teaching and believe it is my
true calling, It is a privilege
to help children reach their
full potential. I focus on
a new innovative way of
teaching allowing children
to express their unique
ideas through discoveries
and multi-sensory activities.
A fun way to learn new
concepts without realising it!
Creating a loving, safe and
secure environment where
all children are accepted
and respected is of the
utmost importance.
  I have been a teacher
for 8 years and I love it!
Stimulating the minds of
children and helping them
learn is a challenging task
that constantly requires
new ideas and a fresh
outlook. I am energetic and
positive. I love watching their
expressions when they
learn something new.
Teaching is one of those
rare professions that keep
your brain young, allowing
you to continue your own
journey as a student and a
life long learner.
NB: All teachers are first aid accredited, training is done every 2 years